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The bLOVE bEAR was born out of an idea and a commitment to make a positive change in the world with one simple notion: connect loved ones through the emotional tone found only in the human voice and marry it with the security, warmth and closeness of a stuffed bear.


Hearing the voice of the people we love, versus a text conversation, reduces human stress markers (blood cortisol levels), and heightens the release of oxytocin—the feel-good hormone associated with bonding. And according to studies, hearing the voice of a loved one can generate the same effect as physical touch. And in a world of text messages and unanswered phones, we all need a little more feel-good in our lives.


As for the bEAR? Well, adults as well as children need comforting. Serious illness, trauma and grief have all been listed as the reason stuffed animals—and in particular—bears make people feel soothed, supported and cushioned emotionally.


When our Engineers and Marketing team got together, we knew the idea was simple. Emotional support between two people was our goal. And “When you can’t be there, bLOVE” was conceived. From that moment forward, our leadership team has made connecting loved ones who are apart, our number one priority.




FinkyDoodle, Inc. and bLOVE are focused on partnerships committed to our goal: uniting loved ones around the globe in real time with voice and tactile. We want to collaborate with those who understand our corporate goals to connect people and our marketing strategies to do so.


Partnering with FinkyDoodle and bLOVE can mean anything from a simple sponsorship of bEARS to loved ones separated by health issues or distance; to joining forces with our corporate leadership as a Giving Partner to connect loved ones in your hospital, your long-term care facility, your military support charity, veterans, first responders, those at risk and those in need.



For more information on how you can partner with FinkyDoodle Inc. and the bLOVE bEAR,

contact: Or call 859-312-8416.


FinkyDoodle, Inc. is a privately held company. Parties interested in sharing our vision by investing in our future. Fill out the form below.

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